Rise Review

In this Rise Review I would like to you about an online lender that has certainly made a name for itself. You might have heard about them. They’re the company that is only slightly better than a payday loan company. RISE is an online lender that provides fast cash to borrowers who don’t qualify for lower cost loans. Rates are ridiculously expensive, and there’s no hidden fees (Yeah right).  RISE’s personal loans include free access to your credit score and your on-time payments will be reported to a major credit bureau, which could help you improve your credit score. That may be the case, but it is simply not worth it. As this Rise Review will prove. It’s so stinking bad, that it’s probably be better to go rob a bank. That’s right, folks. Risking prison time is better than using RISE. Let’s take a look at this joke of a company that is robbing people left and right, and see how they hold up against our standards in this RISE Review.



Writing this RISE Review was remarkably difficult. After sifting through pages and pages of pissed off consumers that used the services of RISE while creating this Rise Review. Hundreds of people who are now paying over 200% in interest. People who initially went to RISE because they needed money and they were in a tight spot. So what do they do? They jump into bed because they had no other choice. Now they are in greater debt that they initially were.  In this RISE Review Here’s how it works. Apply online to see the rates and terms applicable to your state. In creating this RISE Review we found that RISE offers payments that are bi-monthly or monthly, and that the first payment date is on your next payday. RISE has fixed interest rates that depend on the loan amount and the state you live in.


Funding & Time Frame

Being a Peer to Peer lender, RISE is completely funded by individuals looking to make a hefty return on their investments. It’s a system between the borrowers and the lenders that cuts out the middle man. Though in this case, a middle man might not actually be the worst thing. In this RISE Review we found that there is a web bank that handles all of the transactions, but no funding comes from any bank in particular.

In terms of how long it’s going to take, we found during this RISE Review that it shouldn’t be more than a week. RISE Claims that they can deposit the money the very next business day. While that may be true, I heard a great of stories saying otherwise. One man even said that a whole month passed by, and he saw no deposit into his account. If you decide to use RISE, even after reading this RISE Review, you are really taking a gamble.


Fixed Terms & Interest Rates

So here it the meat and potatoes of this RISE Review. The reason we are all gathered here together. The Fixed Terms, and most importantly the interest rates that RISE offers its customers. Let’s start off this section of the RISE Review with the Fixed Terms. RISE offer their customers a range of 11-26 months when it comes to Fixed Terms. You might be thinking, “Well that surely isn’t a whole lot of time.” Well, if this was a legitimate peer to peer lending marketplace, then I’d surely see your point. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Making a deal with Rise is equivalent to making a deal with Satan himself. Plus, Rise only offers loan amounts from $2,600 – $5,000. Borrowing anymore would be considered as financial suicide. As this RISE Review certainly points to. Why? Well, because of their ridiculous interest rates.


As for the Rates in this RISE Review. RISE Claims to offer 36%-225%, but let’s be realistic about this. If you’re going to RISE in the first place, it means your credit is not the greatest. So I highly doubt that you will be getting a 36% interest from RISE. A range of 125%-225% is probably more realistic. I feel sorry for the poor sap who borrows $5,000 and gets slapped with a 225% interest rate. He will have to pay back $11,250. That’s more than two times what he borrowed. Inconceivable! In creating this RISE Review I read one testimonial from a man who said that he is in so much debt because of RISE that he going to have to take out another loan somewhere else just to pay them off.


RISE Requirements

The requirement for RISE are pretty simple. Since they are known for accommodating those with poor credit. Here are the requirement that you need in order to receive a loan from RISE.


 – You are at least 18 years old (19 in AL)

– You live in a state we service

– You have a job or regular source of income

– You have an active and valid checking account (savings and prepaid accounts not accepted)

– You have an email address to receive account information

So all you have to do is basically be anybody, and they will give you a loan.


Consumer Testimonials

Here’s one of the many testimonials we found while writing this RISE Review. “RUN! Don’t even think about using RISE! I’d rather borrow money from the Mafia. At least with them I know what I am getting myself into.  I went in to pay my last payment, and they took more interest.  So I ended up paying interest for that day and the initial deposit. I wouldn’t recommend RISE to my worst enemy.


After looking over every bit of information in this RISE Review, I cannot recommend that you use their services. Unless you are in dire need of a loan, and you’re certain you’ll be able to pay them back quickly. If you’re not certain, then I’d recommend holding off and thinking things through a little bit more. If you are not careful, RISE could leave you in financial turmoil. They don’t care about you and they are not your friend. They are wolves in sheep clothing. Waiting for you to let your guard down to attack. In this Rise Review, RISE scored a 58%. Not because they deserve it, but simply because they are not as bad as some payday loan companies.